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January 2, 2021 - Straight. Narrow. Steep.

We have to remember that being led by the Holy Ghost doesn’t mean that life is going to be easy or carefree. That is not the promise. We are all learning to listen, and having the courage to follow (especially if it is different than what we hoped) is all a part of the journey as well. Yes, He will lead us to fertile places, but no, those won’t be the only places we travel.

David Butler, "Spirit : The Gift That Connects You To Heaven", Deseret Book 2020

The journey through this life can be very rocky, even fraught with obstacles requiring strength and determination to climb over.

Having the Spirit with us as we traverse this road does not always mean the path will be clear and free from bumps and obstacles. He does clear the path from enemies thwarting our progress, though, but we still need to grow and learn by humbling ourselves to the Lord's will.

The straight and narrow path is a description of a path that is not always traveled. "Straight and narrow" does not specify that it is clear of obstacles and loose rocks. That is why it is less traveled. Comparing the two paths to take, the wide and mostly traveled one looks free of obstacles and easy to walk, pain and sweat free, so many take that route. But there is no growth and learning going that way. In fact, the final destination that it leads to is not a pleasant place.

We are guaranteed that the straight and narrow path leads to a life with our Savior and our Heavenly Parents. Though walking, or even crawling, that path is hard, painful and even impassable by ourselves alone at times. But it is worth it.....guaranteed.

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