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January 19, 2022 - Tools

Our Father in Heaven already foresaw all the storms, complete with their mountain waves. He foresaw all the problems, all the disappointments and frustrations, the temptations, and trials of life; and before the wind ever started to blow, he prepared us to withstand it. We’re not going to sink. We’re going to be all right. Because if our ships weren’t tight like a dish, and there was fear that the mountain waves would capsize or drown us, what would he do? He would still the storm. If he doesn’t still the storm, if he doesn’t come by the fourth watch, we know our vessels are tight like a dish.

S. Michael Wilcox, “When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered”

The story of the Brother of Jared, as he and his people sailed to this land in those 8 barges that were "tight like into a dish", takes on a much deeper meaning when you ponder that we were prepared to take on the trials and challenges we now are facing.

God made our so called barges tight like unto a dish way ahead of even coming to this earth. Meaning, He made it so the waves and the sea itself of this life that we encounter will not sink us. We didn't just know ahead of time what we would encounter here on earth, we were prepared to encounter it....and overcome it, I might add. We have the tools. We have the guide and example. We have Jesus Christ. We have no excuse.

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