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January 18, 2020 – Come, Follow Me

“He, who not only knows us best but loves us most, has provided through the grandeur of his atonement all that we need to compensate for our failings, mistakes, sins, and disappointments if only we accept the Master’s invitation to come to him by way of the narrow gate and the straight path identified by his prophets (see 2 Ne. 31) and obtain the blessings made available to all who seek them through his authorized agents.”

  1. Elder Cecil O. Samuelson, Jr., “As Jesus Sees Us”, General Conference, April 1995

There is a reason our study manual as a family and individually is called Come, Follow Me. We need to make this a priority in our lives. Kyle urged us to do it everyday, at least individually. Which means that the spirit told him to tell us that.

All we have to do in our lives is just do what the Lord asks. It is as simple, yet as difficult, as that. That is how we fill our lamps with oil. Otherwise, the Bridegroom will come when we least expect it and it’ll be too late. Could be tomorrow. Could be 15 years from now. Everything else in life will mean absolutely nothing when it happens. So, let’s focus on what truly matters. Our job is to fill our lamps. That’s it.


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