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January 17, 2021 - There is hope

It is a fact that there is always hope, for our spirits are eternal. No matter what people try to say, it’s always there—that hope is within us. It just depends on how brightly we allow it to shine in our lives. The degree of “shining” (or the strength) of this hope that is in all of us is in direct proportion to our faith in God and particularly to our faith in (belief in, love of, hope in, etc.) Jesus Christ. Specifically then, the basis of all righteous hope is the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In him all hope has its existence. Without him there is no hope. But because he was and is and ever will be, there is always hope—hope in all areas. He is hope.

John H. Groberg, "There Is Always Hope", BYU Speeches, June 3, 1984

It's a comforting thought that there is absolutely always hope. It's us who need to reach out for it. It is always there, like a light, but we have to remove our so called sleep mask to see it.

Christ is hope. And, since He lives and will always live, hope will always live, meaning it will always be there.

So, then, Christ us how we can remove our sleep mask. The amount of hope in our lives is directly proportionate to the amount of faith in Jesus Christ that we have. The more faith we have, the more hope we have.

Look at the prophet, Russell M. Nelson...he never appears stressed, rattled, shaken, worried, or even tired. Why? I know it is because of his faith in Christ. He is full of hope. We can be too.

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