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January 16, 2021 - Stay on the right

If you cross to the devil’s side of the line one inch, you are in the tempter’s power, and if he is successful, you will not be able to think or even reason properly, because you will have lost the spirit of the Lord.

President George Albert Smith, "Sharing the Gospel With Others", Deseret Book 1948

I watched a TV episode about an active shooter in a school and I couldn't help but think of my own kids. I know my kids are brave and smart, but I, nevertheless worry. Then, I thought, also, of if I would be brave enough under such dire circumstances as an active shooter. I like to think I would be but I've never been in such a situation so can't be certain.

Then, I thought of how we are in the middle, right now, of an active "spiritual" shooter situation. Whether we want to accept it or not. There are several someones who are actively trying to hurt us, even kill us, and they have the weapons to do that. And, their mastermind wants nothing else than to make us his minions.

So, are we as brave and smart in that situation? In the situation we are in now? Maybe because there isn't immediate danger that is tangible, we don't hold it in high priority.

However, if you really think about it, the situation we are all in is so much more dire. We are fighting for our eternal lives, not just physical ones. And, if we cross that line even just a foot, that fight gets more difficult. And the farther over the line we go, the tougher that fight becomes.

But.... and the really great new is, we do not have to fight alone. There is the Ultimate Soldier who will not lose, fighting with and for us. All we have to do, is stay be His side. He goes across the line, into enemy territory to find us and carry us back across the line to the green zone.

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