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January 15, 2020 – Be ye therefore perfect

“Not all challenges are related to the presence of a physical or material need. Yet the source of strength to meet all challenges remains the same: faith in God and remaining true at all times. Believing in God and seeking to live His law provides the power to successfully overcome the testing such challenges bring.”

  1. Elder Rex D. Pinegar, “Faith – The Force of Life”, General Conference, October 1982

No matter what our daily lives brings or what we deal with, the source of all happiness and joy remains the same. Our problems and issues may seem worse than those of others. If only we had their issues, we think. If only we had more money, again, we think to ourselves. We would be happier. We would struggle less. Right?

Not so. The grass is not always greener.

We need to fill our watering can and water the grass we have until it’s greener. Eventually, our grass will be greener than the other side. We must focus on ourselves and our family. Stop keeping up with the Joneses. They will only lead you down the wrong path. The only person we need to compare ourselves to is Jesus Christ. How are we measuring up to that seemingly endless yardstick? We will get there….sometime. Little by little. We only have “to look”. Doesn’t seem difficult but sometimes it is. No matter how hard….look!!


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