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January 12, 2022 - So Can We

We can stand in the place and stead of the Lord Jesus Christ in administering salvation to the children of men. He preached the gospel; so can we. He spoke by the power of the Holy Ghost; so can we. He served as a missionary; so can we. He went about doing good; so can we. He performed the ordinances of salvation; so can we. He kept the commandments; so can we. He wrought miracles; such also is our privilege if we are true and faithful in all things. We are his agents; we represent him; we are expected to do and say what he would do and say if he personally were ministering among men at this time.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Conference Report, October 1977, page 50

I think, for me anyway, I get so caught up in the mortal way of thinking, that I neglect to realize that I have tremendous potential. We all do.

The mortal way of thinking is full of limitations. Just because we have never seen something done, or been able to do that something ourselves in the past, does not mean it can't be done. We cannot afford to think like that.

Because Christ can do absolutely anything and everything, so can we. Let me say that again....we can do anything we need to if we have Christ with us. Anything. Maybe not in this life, but anything.

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