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January 11, 2022 - Aerodynamics

Experts say that removing windage is critical to protecting a boat in a storm …Sails must be secured, biminis removed, inflatable dinghies deflated and tied down. Flags, cushions, lights, everything that can be removed or lashed down should be to reduce windage.
Are there things on your metaphorical boat creating windage — creating resistance to your attachment to [the Savior]? What, if anything, is keeping you from being bound securely to the Savior?

President Camille N. Johnson, BYU Devotional, January 11, 2022

When we are trying to move quickly, whether we are running or driving a vehicle, aerodynamics is essential. If there is something to catch wind, we will be slowed down. That's physics.

Same thing happens in our spiritual lives. It's "spiritual physics". While we are moving and progressing in the right direction, if there is something that catches wind....we will be slowed.

In some cases, we just won't just be slowed down, we can wreck. If there is done thing that catches wind, in some cases, it can cause us to flip or turn and crash. It can and does happen. And it can happen all of a sudden when it comes to fruition, without warning, even though it's inevitable and is bound to occur. It occurs quickly when it does.

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