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January 11, 2021 - Family

[T]he family is society’s strongest and most important institution. Where it has survived, it has done so as a matter of highest priority. Individual interests have been subordinated to the interests of the group. Sacrifice has exceeded selfishness. Loyalty, respect for the family name, pride in one another’s achievements, and shared quality time have been pre-eminent.

J. Richard Clark, "Our Kindred Family", General Conference, April 1989

In biblical times, families stayed close, even in the same dwelling. I'm not just talking about a parent/child relationship either. I'm talking all family through blood and marriage. Can you imagine, either the family wasn't that big or the dwelling was huge.

That must've been rather chaotic, at times, with some of these prophets of old, like Abraham who had 3 wives, or, even King Solomon who had 700 wives. What? 700? Imagine remembering all of those birthdays and anniversaries. Not to mention all the kids and their craziness running around. I can't even. 😬

But, it goes to show the importance of family. We need the family now, in today's world, more than ever. I'm not just talking blood related family. There have been, and will be, those that are a part of our family circle that aren't related by blood or marriage, but are, nevertheless, family. I have friends like that. We also have an uncle and aunt (and their families) like that. There are many others. We, indeed, have a very loving, decent, supportive, and together extended family. I have been blessed to come from a loving family, to marry into a loving family, to have a loving family of my own, and to have close friends who are my family.

It's not about blood either, it's about love and support. Not everyone can say that, unfortunately. I am grateful for my loved ones, all of you that make up my family circle. I am blessed.

As the world's focus leans more towards selfishness, let's focus on selflessness. Let's sacrifice for the group, for the family. Let's genuinely be happy for the achievements of others. In fact, let's help others reach those achievements. We all have something that others need so let's share that piece of the puzzle and and not hide or squander it. Our piece of the puzzle is needed for the entire result to make sense. Each of us is necessary.

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