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January 10, 2021 - Badge of Obedience

Being worthy to hold a current temple recommend is both a protection from the adversary, because you have made a firm commitment to the Lord about your life, and a promise that the Spirit will be with you.
[T]he temple recommend that we carry... [is] my badge of obedience to a prophet of God.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, "Recommended to the Lord", General Conference, October 2020

A temple recommend is more than just a way to enter into the House of the Lord. A temple recommend signifies a commitment to follow the Savior by keeping covenants, obeying commandments, and living a life as close to the one Christ lived while He was here on earth.

And, the promises in store for us are tremendous. Blessings are promised us even if we can't be in the temple. All we need is a current recommend.

Even though attendance in the temple itself has been restricted lately and is still limited, especially for those with weakened immune systems, does not mean that a recommend is obsolete, or should be put to the wayside until temples open up completely.

A recommend is a "badge of obedience" to the Lord's will. A recommend is the oil necessary to fill our lamps. A recommend means that we are on the covenant path. A recommend means we are "recommended to the Lord".

Even if we can't go to the temple, we can bring the temple to us. We can study and learn about the covenants we make there. We can do family history. Just going to the temple fills the letter of the law, but living recommended to the Lord fills the principle of the law.

So let's keep them current and active. For those not yet with their endowments, living a life recommended to the Lord is still absolutely recognized by the Lord. You can still live your life worthy of a recommend.

Being able to enter the temple right now is difficult, but just being on the temple grounds is powerful, faith building, and brings you closer to the Lord, because that's His house.

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