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January 1, 2020 – Find balance, maintain it

“[C]oping with the complex and diverse challenges of everyday life, which is not an easy task, can upset the balance and harmony we seek. Many good people who care a great deal are trying very hard to maintain balance, but they sometimes feel overwhelmed and defeated.”

  1. Elder M. Russell Ballard, “Keeping Life’s Demands in Balance”, General Conference, April 1987

Maintaining balance in life is difficult. However, each time I recognize that my life is in imbalance, I think of the scripture that says to seek the Kingdom of God first and then everything else will fall in line. Much like a car that’s out of alignment causing a rough and bouncy ride, we need to set our priorities in alignment so our mortal ride through life can be smooth (Elder Ballard).

What better way to realign our lives then to turn to Christ and His light.

As this is a new year and a new decade, I have many goals and things I want to change. Changing the highest priority one first, which is to better my focus on the Savior, all the lesser priority goals will be achieved as well. Of this, I have no doubt. He is the source of strength, of endurance, of love, of compassion, of motivation, of ambition, of confidence, of happiness and joy. As I get closer to Him, I will have the necessary motivation, will power, energy, etc., to accomplish everything else I need to accomplish.

One note on goals…they should be short, attainable, and we shouldn’t set too many at one time. We can easily become overwhelmed and give up on all of them. Pick the most important one or two, work on them, and when they are achieved or when a positive habit is sufficiently established, go to the next one and work on that. All things must be done in wisdom and order (Mosiah 4:27). Step by step, little by little. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. But remember, if the Lord is not making that journey with you, you may end up going in the wrong direction or backwards altogether.


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