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February 9, 2021 - Know Them

The devil is shrewd with the strategems and with the Satanic substitute, but one thing he cannot counterfeit is the witness and power of the Holy Ghost. When that is upon us there is ­assurance...even greater than that of sight. It is of course possible to have both. Without having open or remarkable visions, we all can have the same glorious and glorifying certainty about the reality of the Father and the Son [as did Joseph Smith]; and that comes by the Spirit, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Truman G. Madsen, "Joseph Smith Lecture 1: The First Vision and Its Aftermath", BYU Speeches, August 22, 1978

We can know that the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ, exist, just as if They visited us. That is an incredible and magnificent statement. We can know, without any doubt, that They are real. Think about that for a would you feel if Heavenly Father and His Son visited you and you alone?

How would you feel if They were just feet away from you, talking to you, encouraging you, showing Their compassion, showing Their faith in you, with Them being just as tangible as the person next to you now?

How would you feel if They expressed confidence in you to keep going, to not relax or give up, to get better every single day?

How would you feel if They said that They were proud of you, of who you have the potential to become, but that falling down is part of mortality, and that you have to get up again and dust yourself off?

How would you feel if They said that They loved you?

We can feel those exact feelings, just as if the above happened. That's the calling of the Holy Ghost. To testify of Them. Nothing, absolutely nothing is stopping us from experiencing that, except ourselves.

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