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February 9, 2020 – The Bridegroom Cometh

“I wish to sound a voice of warning to this people. I solemnly declare that this spiritual kingdom of faith will move forward with or without each of us individually. No unhallowed hand can stay the growth of the Church nor prevent fulfillment of its mission. Any of us can be left behind, drawn away by the seductive voices of secularism and materialism.

To sustain faith, each of us must be humble and compassionate, kind and generous to the poor and the needy. Faith is further sustained by daily doses of spirituality that come to us as we kneel in prayer. It begins with us as individuals and extends to our families, who need to be solidified in righteousness. Honesty, decency, integrity, and morality are all necessary ingredients of our faith and will provide sanctuary for our souls.”

  1. President James E. Faust, ” The Shield of Faith”, General Conference, April 2000

The Bridegroom will have a marriage ceremony, will we have enough oil in our lamps to be invited in? The ceremony will happen whether we are ready or not. Our responsibility is to make sure we’re ready. Make sure we have oil in our lamps. We cannot share that oil with those we care about. Otherwise, neither of us will have enough oil. We have to help them fill their lamps before the Bridegroom comes.

Every thing we do to move forward, to strengthen our testimonies, to focus on the Savior, fills our lamps a little each time. So, over and over, if we do the right things, our lamps will be filled.

In contrast, each time we don’t do what we need to, a little oil is leaked out of our lamps. So, theoretically, if we do more good than not good, we can afford some oil as we slip up. As long as we change and keep doing what we need to do.

Another important point is that as we do the right things, i.e., study the scriptures, pray, go to church, pay tithing, etc., the Lord will magnify our efforts exponentially so more and more oil gets added each time. Bottom line is, get your daily dose of spirituality, fill your lamps, help others fill theirs, and then when He comes, we will all be ready.


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