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February 8, 2021 - Continual Conversion

You need to be converts. I would like to say this in passing, that in the years that have passed—and they are many—I have continued to be a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for that I thank God. He has been good to me in that He has headed me off when I would have gone my own way. He has known better than I knew what was good for me, and He has been willing and gracious to make provision for the things that He could see and that I couldn’t that would happen to me unless He took a part, and He took it. For this I am extremely grateful.

President Hugh B. Brown, "Father, Are You There?", BYU Speeches, October 8, 1967

Conversion to the gospel is not a one-and-done event when you get baptized. Conversion to the gospel is a life-long process that takes effort on our part, a dedication to stand in holy places, a motivation to keep on going even when the path gets muddy and slippery.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is absolutely not easy. It's not supposed to be. Anything worth doing is going to be difficult. On top of that, Satan doesn't want us to be disciples of Christ so he makes it difficult to travel.

I, too, have been thwarted by the Lord from doing my own thing, going my own way, even if I was thinking it was the right way. I am so thankful that He cares that much to turn me around and point me in the correct direction.

My point is, I need to work on a continual conversion to the gospel. I need to be making strides, even lengthening those strides, to do the small and simple things the Lord has asked of me. Even if they seem insignificant at the moment, those small things add up to what my testimony is (or, should be).

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