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February 7, 2022 - Start Now

Works are the roots of faith. A system of beliefs that is not rooted in works of righteousness, like a tree whose branches have outgrown its roots, is vulnerable to uprooting by every wind of doctrine or ideological storm that comes its way. This is why the scriptures teach us that we can know the gospel only to the extent that we live it. Salvation consists in our becoming like God: we do that by learning to think as he thinks, believe as he believes, and do as he would do.

Bruce R. McConkie, Conference Report 1972

When I think of the commandment of becoming like Heavenly Father, I think of how far I still have to go. A long, long, LONG ways. In fact, it feels like infinity (i.e., neverending) until I get there, or even close to it. It can be rather depressing when I think about how far I have to go still.

Good thing I don't have to rush and get there anytime soon. I just need to be on the path that gets me there.

Anyway, becoming like Heavenly Father starts with knowing Him and knowing what He's said. We need to learn His gospel. And to do that, to know the gospel, we have to live it. As Elder McConkie says, we come to know the gospel to the extent that we live it.

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