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February 5, 2020 – Be your best self

“The only thing you need to worry about is striving to be the best you can be. And how do you do that? You keep your eye on the goals that matter most in life, and you move towards them step by step.”

  1. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, “One Step after Another”, General Conference, October 2001

Many times we calculate our worth and value based on the things we have (or don’t have), or our status in life, our prominence, or even the number of friends we have on social media. And we get upset and frustrated if those things aren’t where we think they should be.

It is hard to stop comparing ourselves to others. There are only two people we should be measuring ourselves against. One, Jesus Christ. Everything He is, I want to be. Albeit, it’s not gonna happen in this life, and then some. The other person we need to compare ourselves to is our own self, but our yesterday self. Are we better than we were yesterday? Because if we are, we’re that much closer to Christ.

“Be Your Best Self”, then Elder Thomas S. Monson said to us missionaries in the MTC. In everything we do, be the best we can. Set goals, work to achieve them. But don’t get discouraged when we falter doing so. We will falter. That’s a given. It’s how we respond to those failures. Get up, dust ourselves off, and go again. That’s how to succeed.


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