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February 4, 2021 - We have a hero

The culture of Christ helps us to see ourselves as we really are, and when seen through the lens of eternity, tempered with righteousness, it serves to increase our ability to fulfill the great plan of happiness.

William K. Jackson, "The Culture of Christ", General Conference, October 2020

For me, there is an invisible pull to all things heroic. It's like it's part of my spiritual DNA. I have this innate longing to conquer and overcome, even if motivation wavers, the longing is still there. I think we all have this as children of God. We all want to overcome evil with good, subconsciously even.

That's why superhero movies are so attractive. We want to be the hero, at least I do. We want to see him or her succeed. But why?

Because, generally, heroes are on the good side battling evil. And there is an opposition in all things. So, there will always be good against evil. And, subconsciously, we want to be on the good side too. We may do not-so-good things occasionally, but deep in our core, we want good. We long for it. We are attracted to it.

That's who we are as a child of God. That's why we kept our first estate and were even born on this earth.

So, our quest is to not only see ourselves as God sees us, but see others as God sees them. We need to pick our role models and heroes carefully. We all have different needs but we all have one ultimate live with our Father and Brother for eternity. How we get there depends on who we idolize and emulate here.

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