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February 3, 2020 – Where much is given…

“It is human nature to seek elsewhere for our happiness. It is precarious to dwell on why we have not been given more. It is, however, beneficial and humbling to dwell on why we have been given so much.”

  1. Stephen E. Snow, “It Is Better To Look Up – Life Experiences Shared From The Pulpit”

Because I Have Been Given Much, I Too Must Give. I used to think in terms of, because I have a lot of bananas, then I must give bananas. Or, because I have a lot of gas in my car, gas is what I need to give others. Silly examples, I know. But my point is that because I have a lot of one thing, doesn’t mean I can’t give something else to others.

Many times, our giving comes in some sort of monetary value. Money, food, clothing, etc. Number 1, it doesn’t always have to, and, number 2, many times that is the quickest and easiest way to give. But is it always the best?

Giving can come in many forms. The giving of our time, in the service of others, or just spending time with someone that needs a friend. The giving or sharing of talents, sharing a skill that not everyone has. The giving of knowledge and experience that was learned over time. The giving of advice that can guide or direct someone else in the right direction. Now, I must caution on that last one. If that advice is not solicited, then it’s just boasting, unless you’re parenting, of course. Then boasting is okay. 🙂

My last thought on this is to spend a quiet moment and reflect on what you have. I need to do this also. But write it down. Thank Heavenly Father for what you can acknowledge His hand in giving to you. That opens up even more blessings. Then give what and where you can.


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