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February 27, 2022 - Love Thyself

My dear friends, I testify that as we strive to incorporate the Savior’s compassionate example into our lives, our capacity to compliment the virtues of our neighbors will increase and our natural instinct to judge their imperfections will decrease. Our communion with God will grow, and certainly our lives will become sweeter, our feelings more tender, and we will find a never-ending source of happiness. We will be known as peacemakers, whose words are as gentle as the dew of a spring morning.

Elder Ulisses Soares, "The Savior’s Abiding Compassion", General Conference, October 2021

I would venture to say that this counsel from an Apostle of the Lord applies just as equally to our own selves. Sometimes, we are harder on ourselves, at least I am.

I tend to judge my own actions very harshly. Afterall, I don't just see what's on the outside, or my outward appearances only, I know what's in my thoughts and my heart. So, I tend Judge myself and be less compassionate.

The Savior’s example of love and compassion apply just as much to myself than to my fellow brother or sister of God. In fact, it applies even more because I am less compassionate with myself than I am with others.

So as I learn to love and be more compassionate with myself, then I will be able to love my neighbor more. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" means more now that I am trying to love myself more.

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