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February 25, 2022 - Conflict

We are heartbroken and deeply concerned by the armed conflict now raging. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has members in each of the affected areas and throughout the world. Our minds and hearts have been turned toward them and all our brothers and sisters.
We continue to pray for peace. We know that enduring peace can be found through Jesus Christ. He can calm and comfort our souls even in the midst of terrible conflicts. He taught us to love God and our neighbors.
We pray that this armed conflict will end quickly, that the controversies will end peacefully and that peace will prevail among nations and within our own hearts. We plead with world leaders to seek for such resolutions and peace.

The First Presidency, statement on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, February 25, 2022

I am very saddened that people need to go through something like this. It's easy to be unsimpathetic and blasé because it is on the other side of the world. It doesn't affect us, right? Oh, but it does.

These are people just like you and me. These are fellow children of God, suffering at the hands of a powerful few.

How long before you and I go through something like that here in our own land? I fear it's closer than we realize. We can see the embers that will ignite into an unquenchable flame very soon. We see that now in our own country. And it seems to be increasing.

We hear time and again that only Christ can bring lasting peace, despite the social, economic, cultural, and financial climates we find ourselves in. We need to be turning to Him before we need Him. Granted, we do need Him now, and should be relying on Him now, but when society collapses, we will realize that what we were going through before wasn't all that bad in comparison.

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