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February 25, 2021 - SMILE

Choosing to be spiritually minded by living a life worthy of the Holy Ghost’s gentle persuasions will provide you guidance in your decisions and protection from both physical and spiritual danger. Through the Holy Ghost, you can receive gifts of the Spirit for your benefit and for the benefit of those you love and serve. His communication to your spirit carries far more certainty than any communication you can receive through your natural senses.

José A. Teixeira, "To Be Spiritually Minded Is Life and Peace", BYU Speeches, February 9, 2021

A long time ago, a girl in my missionary prep class told me about the SMILE method. She said to always SMILE. When life gets hard keep SMILEing, she said.

So, I asked her what the SMILE method was. We read 2 Nephi 9:39. To be carnally minded in life, in my decisions, in my actions, in my behavior, is death. Death to my spirit. Death to my chances to be saved, my chances to have eternal life in the world after this one.

But to be Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. Smile. 😁

Since that day, I've always remembered the SMILE method. I haven't always followed it, but I have never forgotten it.

Countless blessings, peace amidst trying and difficult times, comfort when hurting and in pain, strength when will and fight are lacking, hope when there doesn't seem to be any, are all possible when our thoughts are focused on things that really matter. Focused on things of the gospel and Plan of Salvation. Because where our thoughts go, our hearts and desires follow. And, if that's in the right direction, the Holy Ghost will be with us to bring that much needed peace, comfort, strength, and hope.

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