February 24, 2021 - The whole puzzle

I don’t need to worry about what blessings others have been granted and I denied. I must not let the weaknesses of others or differences between the events and circumstances of my life and others’ lives determine what kind of disciple I will be. How they follow and what blessings or hardships happen in their lives compared to mine, is between them and their Lord. I have control over only one life: my own. I have command over only one discipleship: my own.

S. Michael Wilcox, "What Seek Ye?", Deseret Book 2020

It's easier said than done, to control only the things you have control over. But, we're human. We get influenced by what is happening around us. We get influenced by the action or inaction of others especially when that action is directed at us directly.

We have a predisposed idea of what direction we want to go. We set goals, make commitments and we work to obtaining those goals. It rarely even occurs to us that those goals could be wrong in the first place. The Lord may have other ideas. We shouldn't only be consulting with Him as we're traveling in one direction, working towards our goals, but we should be consulting with Him on whether or not we even should be traveling in that direction in the first place.

Point is, it's not about what we think is right and wrong. Sure, obviously some things are flat out wrong. So, not murdering someone is a worthwhile endeavor. 😬 We have an idea of what's right and wrong but not the full puzzle.

There may be other endeavors that require wisdom and insight far beyond our mortal capabilities. The Lord will tell us what those endeavors are and which ones we need to focus on at a given time in our lives. We just need to ask, and then listen....withiut those predisposed ideas already in our heads.

Our journey through this life is a partnership, not a solo adventure. He will never lead us astray. We may not agree with or even like the answer He gives, but He knows far better than we do.

So, let's better ourselves, let's improve ourselves, let's strengthen our own discipleship. That, we can control.

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