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February 23, 2021 - Bitter and Sweet

Although we need not fear, we are to be on guard. At times, little things can upend our spiritual balance. Please don’t allow your questions, the insults of others, faithless friends, or unfortunate mistakes and disappointments to turn you away from the sweet, pure, and soul-satisfying blessings that come from the precious fruit of the tree [of life]. Keep your eyes and your hearts centered on the Savior Jesus Christ and the eternal joy that comes only through Him.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "Fruit", General Conference, October 2019

President Nelson says that Satan has quadrupled his efforts today, to get us to be ashamed of the gospel, to get us to be a part of those laughing and pointing fingers from the great and spacious building, found in Lehi's dream, at the true disciples of Christ.

We see Satan's negative influence everywhere we turn. And, it's blaring, staring at us in the face. It's not discreet. All I can picture is Satan standing high above everyone, holding a big chain and laughing (Moses 7:26). He thinks he is succeeding.

We can't relax. We can't let our guard down, even for a second. We can't stand still and watch. We have to keep moving forward. I relaxed after my mission, thinking that for 2 years I gave it my all so now I need a rest. Worst mistake I could've made. Satan got his slimy foot in the door and started forcing it open wider. I've been trying to shut that door ever since. Thankfully, it's closer to being shut now.

Sometimes, we need to experience the bitter to truly appreciate the sweet. That's life. But let's not take the "sweet" for granted once we've tasted it.

We have been blessed to have the gospel truths in our lives. Hold on to them. Live them. Love them. Christ will win this war. Let's be on His side when it all ends. Let's not wonder what the bitter tastes like. Let's just appreciate the sweet that we are so fortunate to have and share that sweet with others so they can enjoy it too. It will be difficult. It will be trying. It will be painful. But it will be worth it!

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