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February 22, 2022 - Keep Climbing

Let us look at the mountain road again. Note that nowhere on the upwardly spiraling road is it perfectly horizontal; nowhere is the slope zero; there is no plateau; there is no place to pause and rest; and the course either goes up or down. Similarly, faith is either becoming stronger or weaker. Being converted is an ongoing—even a lifelong—process.
That means that you can become “unconverted” at least as easily as you can become “converted.” Your faith and commitment are going to either increase or decrease. The increase depends on your upward movement on the covenant path, cycling through the elements of the doctrine of Christ. The decrease happens if you disengage from the doctrine of Christ.

Elder Dale G. Renlund, "Lifelong Conversion", BYU Speeches, September 14, 2021

Elder Renlund portrays the image of driving up a mountainside in a car. Then you put the vehicle in neutral. Does the vehicle just stay put if you don't press on the brake? Of course not. It starts to move backwards. Even revving the gas will do nothing. You begin moving faster and faster down the hill. And, you are trying to steer only by the rearview mirror. What about mountain biking and you start rolling backward? That is not safe.

Likewise it is with our spiritual driving up on the covenant path. If we stop to rest, and put our car in neutral, we will start rolling backwards. Our, speed, will increase until there is nothing we can do to stop it. Only Christ can stop it.

If we stop being converted daily, repenting daily, then we will roll backwards. There is no "zero" plateau. We will roll backwards, Increasing in speed, unable to steer, until we crash. This is not safe.

We are either increasing our faith or decreasing it. There is no neutral ground.

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