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February 21, 2022 - Listen

I say to you that the Lord speaks to you and me. The fact that he speaks is not unusual, but it does little good unless we are listening, unless we reach back into our common heritage, unless we keep the commandments. The promptings of the Holy Spirit need to become a part of our lives so we’re willing to accept them and be inspired by them and live by them.

Loren C. Dunn, "Our Spiritual Heritage", BYU Speeches, May 4, 1982

Very often, at least for me, we get caught up in mortal life and we don't pay attention to where we really come from and who we really are. We are not just human beings. We are not just a man or a woman, a son or daughter of our earthly mom and dad. We are so much greater than that.

We are children of Heavenly Father. God is our Father. Think about that for a minute. We have a divine heritage. We have His traits. Think about that in the context of familial relationships, if you can, but know that we are not even close to understanding that relationship. He loves us far more than we can comprehend.

Most of us love our earthly parents so we have somewhat of an idea about the love between our Heavenly Parents and us. But, do we really understand it? Can we even come close to fathoming it?

I would say that we cannot....not yet.

But, because of that love, whether we understand it or not, Heavenly Father... our Father... speaks to us. He is constantly speaking to us. Whether through our feelings, through our thoughts, or even in an audible voice, He is speaking to us...constantly. He is trying to guide us, to lead us, to encourage us, to inspire us, to help us.

But, as, Elder Dunn says, it does us no good unless we are listening.

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