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February 21, 2020 – Who are we really?

“You are elect sons and daughters of God. You have the power to overcome the adversary. The adversary, however, is aware of who you are. He knows of your divine heritage and seeks to limit your earthly and heavenly potential by using the three Ds: Deception – Distraction – Discouragement”

  1. Elder Peter M. Johnson, “Power to Overcome the Adversary”, General Conference, October 2019

Do we really understand what divine heritage is? I mean really understand it? Or do we just chalk our lives up to being stuck where and as we are, frail and mortal as we are, weak as we are?

Satan doesn’t want us to understand who we are, where we are from, our potential as children of a Supreme Being, and our true purpose here. He knows. He understands. Better than we do. For whatever reason, he’s heck bent on ruining that for us.

Who are we?

We are sons and daughters of God. A Being who knows all, has all power, can be anywhere with just a thought and everywhere at the same time, can do anything and everything, and who loves you personally and me personally.

Do you know what that means? We can be just like Him!! How crazy and far fetched does that sound to a finite, mortal being with limited understanding of how the universe works? Yet it is absolutely the truth. We certainly can’t fathom it now. We are stuck behind a veil.

That lack of understanding, that lack of belief, even that lack of opening our minds a bit to accept that possibility, comes from one person. He whispers to you and me that there’s no way it can be like that. No way, are we able to rise to that level. No way do we have that potential. He tells us that there’s no life after this. No reason to try hard. Just enjoy yourself. Do whatever you want. Be whatever you want. Deceit. One of his greatest tools. And we fall for those lies. Just look around.


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