February 20, 2022 - Short Blip

I believe that the challenge of overcoming and growing from adversity appealed to us when God presented His plan of redemption in the premortal world. We should approach that challenge now knowing that our Heavenly Father will sustain us. But it is crucial that we turn to Him. Without God, the dark experiences of suffering and adversity tend to despondency, despair, and even bitterness.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "The Refining Fire of Affliction", Liahona, March 2022

Life in the premortal world must've been so positive and happy. I must've seen this life on earth as a short blip in the overall plan that God presented. I must've thought that anything I would have to endure on this earth would pass so quickly.

In the "now" or in the middle of going through something, I don't feel all that positive. 😊 But as I look back, I can see how quickly tine has passed. I can understand why I thought this life would be a "short blip" on the radar of God's plan.

So, I say this because life here on earth, although very difficult at times, will pass by so quickly. We CAN endure and get through anything. Especially, when relying on Jesus Christ, who will lift us while we do endure. But we must rely on Him. He will not just lift us spiritually, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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