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February 2, 2021 - Angels among us

When it comes to your happiness and salvation, it is always worth the effort to keep trying. It is worth the effort to adjust your lifestyle and traditions. The Lord is aware of the challenges you face. He knows you, He loves you, and I promise, He will send angels to help you.

Carlos A. Godoy, "Believe in Angels", General Conference, October 2020

I've been reading the book entitled "Angels" by Donald W. Perry, so I have many thoughts right now about angels at the forefront of my mind. So, it was interesting that I come across this talk again by Elder Godoy.

Angels, beyond the veil, have incredible powers. That power we know comes from the Priesthood as they are called to minister to us. They can do anything acting in behalf of the Lord according to His will.

Most of the time, they act according to our needs hidden from our view. Sometimes, they will manifest themselves to us, whether unbeknownst to us that they are angels of God and we see them as just part of these mortals, or they come to us as messengers of God. But, they can mask their glory so that we can see them in the first place. I think of Angel Moroni visiting Joseph Smith, also Nephi and the angel.

They are constantly acting for our good. They don't rest. They don't need to. Most of the time they are our own relatives. I think of my grandparents and I know they are watching over me and my family. So, we must keep going. I guarantee they are happy when we try and sad when we give in.

Last point, there are two types of angels (well, more than two but for the sake of this thought, just two). One, are those beyond the veil as mentioned. The second type are those mortals on earth acting as the Lord's instruments. This world is full of others that step into our lives to help where needed. Mostly, in answer to our prayers. That is why we must pay attention to promptings.

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