February 19, 2022 - Minor Corrections

On our journey as pilgrims on the path of glory, we know how easy it is to fall away. But just as minor deviations can draw us out of the Savior’s Way, so too can small and simple acts of realignment assuredly lead us back. When darkness creeps into our lives, as it often does, our daily restoration opens our hearts to heavenly light, which illuminates our souls, chasing away shadows, fears, and doubts.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Daily Restoration", General Conference, October 2021

Elder Uchtdorf mentions a study that was done to see if a lost person really does walk in circles. So people were taken to the deep forest with no unique landmarks. They were directed to walk in a straight line. Lo and behold, GPS showed that they walked in circles. They made minor deviations to one direction that produced major realignment.

This applies to us spiritually. If we do not use the "spiritual landmarks" that God has provided, we will walk in circles instead of in a straight line back to Heavenly Father. If we make minor deviations to one side, we will end up with major realignments.

Good news is this also works in the opposite direction....if we make minor corrections back, we will end up arriving safely in a straight line.

These landmarks are prayer, scripture study, patriarchal blessings, tithing, sabbath day observance, Word of Wisdom obedience, etc. We need what Elder Uchtdorf calls a "daily restoration".....in other words, a daily repentance and recommitment to follow Jesus Christ. We need it.

We have been given the tools. The question is whether or not we will use them.

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