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February 19, 2021 - Past Feeling

Healing from spiritual numbness depends on our own faith and willingness to keep reaching out, even when we feel nothing. As we strive to invite the Spirit in our lives, we will receive impressions little by little as we listen and obey. Living our lives in harmony with God’s will helps us develop a sensitivity to the Spirit and will gradually heal us from any numbness that we feel. If we reach out to the Savior even when we feel nothing, He will help us feel that He is there.

Tadeo Murillo, "Recovering from Spiritual Numbness", Church of Jesus Christ website, January 2021

For years now I've had numbness in both arms below the elbow as well as in my right leg. I can still feel pressure but my sensitivity is gone. You can say that I am now "past feeling" in my arms.

As not fun as that is, I think becoming spiritually numb would be much worse. Losing sensitivity spiritually does not have a workaround in order to still accomplish goals. Like with my arms, I still have my sight to help compensate. Spiritually, when my feeling is gone, I am definitely past feeling, as the Book of Mormon says.

Only Jesus Christ can restore feeling spiritually. He can restore my feeling physically too, but that's not as important for my eternal salvation.

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