February 18, 2022 - Consider the Source

I knew that the Atonement of Jesus Christ allows us to overcome sin. I knew that through Christ we could overcome death. But... I learned that Christ could also comfort us in our struggles—in our ­suffering—when life isn’t fair. For any of you who are struggling with challenges that don’t seem fair, don’t turn to the world for answers. Please turn to the covenants that bind you to Jesus Christ. He can comfort you in a way no one else can.

Clark G. Gilbert, "Christ’s Peace in Perilous Times", BYU Speeches, February 8, 2022

There is all kinds of advice found in society, on the Internet, and from others (some are very well meaning and helpful). But can you really trust what you are hearing? Consider the source before you accept and act on any advice. Don't listen to just anyone.

There is only One who will never misguide you. Only One who you can always trust. He has no ulterior movies. He has no agenda other than help us reach eternal life. That is ALL He does....help us reach eternal life. That is His, work.

So when life brings you down, turn to the One who will lift you up. Don't rely on outside voices. Rely on Christ and Christ alone. I will say, too, that occasionally He uses others to do His work. Heavenly Father uses others to guide you along. So consider the ultimate source.

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