February 16, 2022 - Strong Foundation

The Lord has declared that despite today’s unprecedented challenges, those who build their foundations upon Jesus Christ, and have learned how to draw upon His power, need not succumb to the unique anxieties of this era.

President Russell M. Nelson, "The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation", General Conference, October 2021

There are things, many things, beyond our control. We just can't affect someone else's behavior. We can't dictate what we go through physically. We can't just push aside mental struggles like depression or anguish. We are here to struggle through things. That's what this life is for.

Just because we struggle doesn't mean can't be happy or at peace.

How do we achieve that happiness? How do feel at peace despite everything that happens to us or around us?

Jesus Christ is the answer.

He needs to be our foundation. He needs to be at our center. It's simple.....without Him, we cannot survive this life and return to Heavenly Father. He is the way! Now is the time to make Him our foundation....and make it strong!

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