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February 15, 2020 – To be seen of men (and women)?

“May [Christ’s] inspiring example strengthen us against the pitfalls of flattery from without or of conceit from within. May it give us courage to never cower or fawn at the feet of intimidation. May it inspire us to go about doing good as anonymously as possible and not “aspire to the honors of men” (D&C 121:35). And may His incomparable example help us always remember which is “the first and great commandment” (Matthew 22:38). When others demand approval in defiance of God’s commandments, may we always remember whose disciples we are, and which way we face.”

-Elder Lynn G. Robbins, “Which Way Do You Face?”, General Conference, October 2014

I constantly worry about which way I’m facing. Am I face to face with the Savior? Am I looking Him in the eye? Or am I looking down in regret? Are my eyes even open?

Christ always faced His Father. He always looked Him in the eye. Never did He turn His back on His Father, or deny His responsibility.

Everything He did, and I mean every single act, was to honor His Father and show others the right way to go, to do things. He is still doing everything possible, which means there’s nothing He can’t or won’t do. He didn’t sleep in. He didn’t relax because He’s been working so hard for the past couple of days. He didn’t require others to leave Him alone for once, although He was alone at times conversing with His Father, or pondering. He didn’t do any of it for fame, for the glory of men, or to prove His superiority. Although He is far, far superior to me, He never even thought Himself better than me, than you.

In fact, every miracle He did, He asked those for whom He worked miracles, to “tell no man”. It was never about showing His power, or proving to others that He can work miracles. It was never about “what would others think of me if I did or didn’t do this?”

He did what He did, solely to lift each and every one of us to a higher plane. He still does. His hand is reaching, but we need to grab it. Let’s grab it!


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