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February 14, 2021 - Watch where you stand

We don’t get to decide which places the Spirit is going to come with more power and force, but there are some places and situations where the potential for His influence is higher and can be stronger. We can put ourselves there.

David Butler, "Spirit: The Gift That Connects You To Heaven", Deseret Book 2020

When I read this, I thought immediately of the importance of standing in holy places.

We stand in holy places not just so the influence of the adversary isn't as strong, but, just the opposite, because the Spirit's influence is much stronger and we have a better chance to Hear Him.

Standing in holy places also dresses us with the Armor of God, from head to toe. Holy places, to me, are the temples, the church houses, and our homes. The Spirit has a stronger influence in our homes! Think about that.

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