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February 13, 2022 - Keep Trying

Your life isn’t perfect or free of failure. Mine isn’t either. In fact, no one’s life is. Making mistakes and falling short are a part of life, but there’s a huge difference between failing and being a failure. You are not a failure, and failing isn’t always a bad thing.

Eric B. Murdock, "Failing Successfully", For the Strength of Youth, February 2022

You'd think that as many times that I've failed at things or went through some hard lessons, that I'd be super wise because I have learned a lot. 😊

Truth is, when I'm actually in the middle of failing, I am not thinking to myself..."hmm, what can I learn from this?". That usually doesn't happen until I sit down and focus afterwards.

But looking back, I have actually learned quite a bit (not enough to stop failing altogether, but I'm getting there). You see, my mind is super keen to pick up on subconscious lessons even when I'm not actively trying to learn from them or even know that there are lessons to learn from.

That is how I think my spirit works too a lot. When I study the scriptures, I may or may not proactively pick up on something. But in the background, the simple fact that I am studying the word of God, my "spiritual subconscious", or whatever that may be, is learning lessons and getting stronger that I will not know about until I need it.

Another reason we need to read, study, pray, and do those things, even when we don't see the benefit right now.

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