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February 12, 2021 - Find Your Purpose

We are each individuals with singular talents, strengths, opportunities, and challenges. We believe we were foreordained to come to earth at a particular time into particular circumstances and that our particular set of gifts, attitudes, and talents—if properly developed and employed—will enable us to fulfill a foreordained purpose.

Robert C. Oaks, "Your Divine Heritage", Ensign, April 2008

Its easy to go through life and not know the reasons as to why you're even here and here at this time. Or, maybe you know a bit of your own Plan but don't understand it fully or just don't know it fully.

I fall into this second category. I know I'm here for a reason and I get glimpses of that reason every now again. But I don't have a complete picture. That's partly because I have insufficient knowledge I need and partly because I just haven't reached that time in my life where it will be revealed to me.

My point is, we each need to find out why we're here (if you don't know completely like me), what mission in life we were called to do, and then align our lives to that mission. Sometimes it's a lifelong quest, sometimes it comes quickly to us. And it also varies from time to time.

Heavenly Father did not send us here to aimlessly go through life. We have a purpose. He is telling us that purpose. Are we listening? I'm trying to listen but sometimes it's not so easy!

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