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February 11, 2022 - Why Is It Familiar?

Deep within us, [Christ's] doctrines do strike the promised chord of familiarity and underscore our true identity. Our sense of belonging grows in spite of our sense of separateness, for His teachings stir our souls, awakening feelings within us that have somehow survived underneath the encrusting experiences of mortality.

Elder Neil A. Maxwell, “All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience”

Have you ever sensed a familiarity when learning a truth of the gospel? Whether in church, or seminary, or personal study?

I must say that I sense that. I feel like this gospel has always just been a part of my existence. Not only my mortal existence on this earth, but my entire spirit being existence throughout aeons.

So, when I hear or ponder a truth, it's like I've always known that truth. Then I ponder what it was like for me before this earth. Did I study in frequent classes, in which some were taught by our Elder Brother Himself?

Did I study in a quiet, solo setting in some type of library with an unlimited access to knowledge? Did I do both? What did I do with my time there? Did I have fun? Was it all learning? Was it all preparing for this phase on earth? How was time even measured? Was there just one continuous "day" of light? Did I visit with others to help build them up? I didn't need to sleep or eat. Interesting to ponder.

Point is, the truth of this gospel is part of who I am. I'm so blessed to have it in my life.

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