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February 11, 2020 – Build and, strengthen your foundation

“If we are founded upon a rock, we know that salvation comes by the grace of God to those who believe the gospel and keep the commandments.

If we are founded upon a rock, we forsake the world, flee from carnal things, and live upright and godly lives.

If we are founded upon a rock, the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. As long as we remain in our house of faith, we shall be preserved when the rains of evil fall, when the winds of false doctrine blow, and when the floods of carnality beat upon us.”

  1. Elder Bruce R. McConkie, “Upon This Rock”, General Conference, April 1981

Reading this, what immediately comes to mind, is the first two paragraphs are what we must do individually, in our lives, and in our family. The last paragraph is a positive consequence of doing our part.

We all know the story of the wise man. He built his house on rock. It would and does seem silly to build a house without a foundation. Makes no sense. In fact, careful planning goes into doing it correctly. Then why are we nonchalant about things that really matter? I wouldn’t say nonchalant as much as just putting other priorities first. We are cognizant of what we need to do, it’s the doing that gets difficult sometimes.

Why is it easy to NOT do something we absolutely know will strengthen us, whether physically or spiritually? And why is it so difficult to INDEED do those things? We know we need to eat right and exercise, but do we do it consistently? We know we need to pray and study the scriptures, but do we do it consistently? And not just go through the motions, I might add?

It’s the fact that we cannot see the consequences of doing, or not doing, the important things. We become trapped in a sense of security because, let’s face it, we don’t worry much about the future. It’s “now” that is our focus. I’ll worry about tomorrow or next week, or even next year when I cross that bridge. In fact, we do need to focus on the “now”, that’s important, but we also need to prepare for down the road. That should be a part of our “now”, albeit a small part.

And just because we forgot or neglected to do something when it was “now” and “now” is in the past, doesn’t mean we can’t do it in the next “now”.

Okay, now I’m done. 😁


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