December 9, 2021 - Spiritual Hurricanes

You may never face a devastating physical hurricane. However, each of us has weathered and will weather spiritual hurricanes that threaten our peace and try our faith. In today’s world, they seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity. Thankfully, the Lord has provided us a sure way to joyfully overcome them. By living the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are assured that 'when dark clouds of trouble hang o’er us and threaten our peace to destroy, there is hope smiling brightly before us.'

Sean Douglas, "Facing Our Spiritual Hurricanes by Believing in Christ", General Conference, October 2021

We each navigate our way through a spiritual hurricane in this life, each varying in intensity, most times one after the other, and sometimes we get hit with more than one at the same time.

As hurricanes weaken as they go over land, our spiritual hurricanes weaken as we become further absorbed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, there is a ratio that aligns with weakening of our storms to our absorption in the gospel. It's really as simple as that.

The more we get closer to Christ, the waeker our storms we have to wade though. I don't know that the storms actually become weaker or our strength to endure them becomes stronger. Either way, the less attention we give them, the more Christ helps us through them.

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