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December 7, 2020 - Brighter days ahead

That night when in the Judean skies

The mystic star dispensed its light,

A blind man [moved] in his sleep,

And dreamed [that] he had sight.

That night when shepherds heard the song

Of hosts angelic choiring near,

A deaf man stirred in slumber’s spell,

And dreamed [that] he could hear.

That night when in the cattle-stall

Slept Child and Mother [without talk] 

A cripple turned his twisted limbs,

And dreamed [that] he [could walk].

That night when o’er the new-born Babe

The tender Mary rose to lean,

A loathsome leper smiled in sleep,

And dreamed [that] he was clean.

That night when to his Mother’s breast

The little King was held secure,

A harlot slept a happy sleep,

And dreamed [that] she was pure.

That night when in the manger lay

The Sanctified, who came to save,

A man moved in the sleep of death,

And dreamed there was no grave.

Susie M. Best, "The Miracle Dreams" quoted by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in the Christmas Devotional 2020

Dreams are amazing. They range from revelation, and God speaking to you, telling you what needs to be done.... to days in the future, whether before the Second Coming or during the Millenium. And everything in between.

Throughout the last many years, I had a few dreams of future days that I remember perfectly. They centered around my condition, my inability to do certain things. One was so vivid that I actually experienced the feelings, the joy, the jubilation of being able to simply run again. I could also feel my hands. I could play basketball. Then, I woke up and realized that it was, in fact, a dream. But, was it? Or did I envision a situation after my "twinkling of an eye"?

But that gave me hope. Whether or not that was the intention, I realized that one day I will be able to do those things. One day, we all will have the mortal weight lifted and we will feel weightless. We will feel light. We will feel joy that we never could have imagined. That is a gift from our Savior. That is part of what He did for us.

So when I heard Elder Holland's talk and him reciting this poem, my mind was taken to much better days beyond this life. For you and for me. And, of course, the even better, incomprehensible, wonder filled days than just getting a perfect, flawless physical body, we have the chance to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. We just need to hang on and not let go.

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