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December 6, 2022 - Listen

God’s existence is a reality. Immortality is a reality. These realities will not go away simply because we have different opinions about them. These realities will not be dissolved just because some have doubts about them.
Opinion? Of course, there is a difference of opinion but again, opinion cannot change laws or absolute truths. Opinions will never make the earth to be flat, the sun to dim its light, God to die, or the Savior to cease being the Son of God.
  • by President Spencer W. Kimball, “Absolute Truth”, BYU Speeches, September 6, 1977

There are different opinions of men (and women) everywhere, especially on the Internet and social media. Just because someone says it, does it make it true? Of course not. Only God has the truth. He is the ONLY source of eternal truth. He is willing to share it, but we need to put in the effort and willingness to ask Him. Even those things we hear from our prophet and apostles require us to ask God for ourselves.

This quote from President Kimball is profound. Think about it. Just because someone somewhere says Jesus was only an influential figure and not the Son of God, does not erase the fact the He is indeed the Son of God, even if we can't comprehend that. Whether or not we, as citizens of this world, believe in God or not, does not erase His existence. Just because I say you don't exist, doesn't make it so. Whether or not we believe in the Plan of Salvation and it's phases, does not mean it's a theory. Whether or not we believe in the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, does not mean it isn't absolute truth.

In my mind, the existence of God and Jesus, the truthfulness of the gospel, the gifts that we have been given to guide us home, are as absolute as I know there is a sun and moon, and trees, etc. I can't explain why or how I know, I just know. This truth is ingrained in my very soul. It is a part of who I am.

It is up to each one of us to find the truth of all things. But, be cautious, there are many voices out there shouting their truths, or more precisely, the truth that the adversary wants us to believe in. Even believing in nothing is what he's peddling. Belief in nothing is still believing in something that isn't true.

But God shares His absolute truth in a still, small voice constantly. He isn't shouting or competing to be the loudest. He will not force us to hear Him. We need to listen of our own willingness and desire.

Absolute Truth - Spencer W. Kimball - BYU Speeches

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