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December 6, 2020 - The Tempest is Raging

Peace was on the lips and in the heart of the Savior no matter how fiercely the tempest was raging. May it so be with us—in our own hearts, in our own homes, in our nations of the world, and even in the buffetings faced from time to time by the Church. We should not expect to get through life individually or collectively without some opposition.

President Howard W. Hunter, "Master, the Tempest Is Raging", General Conference, October 1984

It seems like, at least in my experience, that the seas upon which I am traveling are not calm. Anymore, lately, they are never calm. They are rough and choppy. Sometimes these seas are so violent, as I navigate a vicious storm, with waves thrashing and crashing on every side of my puny vessel, threatening to overtake me and drown me.

And I have no idea what the seas are like for other travelers upon this ocean. But, there is One who does know how each journey is for each traveler. With the power that He commands, by His word, these seas can and will be made calm once again.

Can you imagine being on that ship with Jesus and His disciples? While He was sleeping there arose a great storm. Water everywhere, even in the boat. Wind howling. Wood creaking and cracking. Yet still He slept. Fearful of pending doom, those disciples woke Jesus from slumber and asked "carest not that we perish?"

Sound familiar? Are we not fearful at times of pending doom? I know I am. Maybe not immediate doom but a definite decline towards that end. Yet, we know, ultimately, that all will not be doomed to complete utter destruction. Through all of this, the Savior does not worry. He does not panic. He sleeps, or rather He is at peace and He is still.

He said while on that boat, "peace, be still", and the waves calmed, the winds ceased, the elements were at peace.

He will also calm our individual storms so we, too, are at peace. Let's be faithful, not fearful. He lives! Let's focus on Him, this season especially.

"Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea or demons or men or whatever it be, no waters can swallow the ship where lies the Master of ocean and earth and skies. They all shall sweetly obey [His] will. Peace, be still! - Hymn 105

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