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December 4, 2020 - Mother of Jesus

Christmas is a season of giving, and Mary, as a central figure in the scriptural account, shows us the one gift that matters more than all others: the gift of ourselves, the gift of aligning our will to God’s, humbly accepting His mission for us and fulfilling it to the utmost. That’s what Christ did, as did Mary, His mother before Him.

Margot Hovley, "Mary, Mother of the Savior", Ensign, December 2019

I know the story of Mary isn't widespread or even shown in the New Testament much. Little is known about her life. What a woman she must've been. To be selected by God Himself as the mortal vessel to bring the Savior into this world.

I often wonder what it's like to be a parent of someone who becomes a great leader in this, the Lord's church, like a prophet or an apostle, or a Relief Society General President, or Primary General President. Maybe I'm experiencing that right now. Makes me feel bad for my own parents. 😬

As great as the leaders we've had were, nobody even comes within a fraction of being the person our Savior was and is. And to be His mortal mom and dad? I can't even begin to imagine the dinner conversations, or even the gamut of emotions of raising Him. Jesus had to learn growing up, of course, and I know His Heavenly Father was there to teach Him, but His parents were there too. And I'm sure Heavenly Father taught them too.

Just imagine the responsibility on the shoulders of the mother of Christ. Forget the fact that she wasn't even married and all the judgements that would bring, especially in a culture like that. That's stressful enough. Talk about sleepiness nights. But to raise a Son on this earth that was created by the very Son you are raising?? Then to witness His teachings and ministry, and wisdom? Then be one of His disciples? Then to watch that very child, your child, be crucified? I can't even grasp the magnitude of that, the stress and worry, as well as the joy.

Don't get me wrong, we don't worship Mary, the mother of Christ, but how much further along the path she must've been than the rest of us? We can learn a lot from her example.

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