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December 3, 2021 - Spiritual Healing

It became clear to me that [the Savior’s] message was that He could touch the eyes of those who were blind, and they could see. He could touch the ears of those who were deaf, and they could hear. He could touch the legs of those who could not walk, and they could walk. He can heal our eyes and our ears and our legs, but most important of all, He can heal our hearts as He cleanses us from sin and lifts us through difficult trials.

Brent H. Nielson, "Is There No Balm in Gilead?", General Conference, October 2021

For me, I tend to associate the Savior’s healing with physical attributes, the eyes, the ears, leprosy, blood maladies, etc. However, more importantly, He heals us from the inside out. And that doesn't get expressed often in a miraculous story that you read but it is all over in the gospel.

It's easier for me to understand physical healing than it is to understand spiritual healing. Maybe that's because I have physical limitations or maybe it's because I am stuck in a physical body requiring most of my focus.

But....I am understanding better the need for spiritual healing above that of physical healing. For one, my physical healing will happen someday whether I deserve it or not. That's a gift and that's a given. Two, I am shifting my focus, slowly but surely, away from the natural man and more towards my spiritual man.

It is slow going but at least I am moving in the right direction. The older I get, the more importance I put into the things that truly matter. Afterall, these first 46 years of my life when fast so I'm coming to realize how quick and how important this life is.

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