December 28, 2021 - Listening

There are times in your life

it seems like the skies are closed,

you’re on your knees in the dark,

something must be broken.

If you’re not sure which way to go,

or you feel like you’re alone,

don’t lose hope.


He is list’ning

even when you feel like no one’s on your side,

He’s still there and He still loves you.

Though you’ve been waiting for a long time,

He’s been watching you your whole life.

And you will hear from Him soon.

He is list’ning to you.

Show your faith, close your eyes,

tell Him what you’re feeling.

Though it takes a little time

as long as you believe it

He will fill you with His love

and you will always have enough,

no matter what


And He’ll give you an answer,

though it may be in a way you don’t expect.

Even if you haven’t felt it yet,

He is list’ning.



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