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December 28, 2020 - Destroying Angel

When I read about “health in [the] navel and marrow in [the] bones,” I think of the possibility of a devastating plague that could overtake the world as a result of widespread pollution from radiation hazards in a future war. Could this, then, be one way the Lord might use of separating the obedient from the disobedient? Could there be some connection between these forbidden substances and radioactive particles which could cause increased absorption in the bone marrow, with resultant increased possibility of damage? I do not know.

Elder Theodore M. Burton, "The Word of Wisdom", General Conference, April 1976

I've been thinking about green tea and what the church has said about it lately. If I follow the letter of the law, the Word of Wisdom, then on one hand it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to give up green tea as something that's not good for me when I still consume too much of everything else that's not explicitly prohibited, like sugar or carbs, especially refined and GMO, respectively, which is also not good for me.

I think, sometimes, I get caught up in trying to toe the line as close to the edge as possible when I should be focusing on the principle of why we have the law in the first place. My finite mind does not know why the law is there. I only have a piece of the picture. But yet, I try to justify everything, thinking that I know better.

But what I do know is the promise of health in the navel, marrow in the bones, knowledge and hidden treasures, and most importantly, the destroying angel will bypass me. I need those blessings.

That last promise intrigues me. Could it be that there is something coming that is worse than COVID 19 that will bypass me because I try to keep the Word of Wisdom? Is that what is meant by the destroying angel? Or is it more of spiritual survival than physical? Or both? Could that also be the reason I haven't gotten this Corona virus yet now? Not to say that those who have it or had it didn't keep the Word of Wisdom, I'm not saying that at all. The Lord knows my unique situation and those promises are unique to each person.

Anyway, my plan is to follow the principle of the Word of Wisdom and focus on my health because I need every blessing promised me.

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