December 27, 2021 - Let Your Light Shine

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ holds the answer to every social and political and economic problem this world has ever faced. And I know we can each do something, however small that act may seem to be. We can pay an honest tithe and give our fast and free-will offerings, according to our circumstances. And we can watch for other ways to help. To worthy causes and needy people, we can give time if we don’t have money, and we can give love when our time runs out.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "A Handful of Meal and a Little Oil", General Conference, April 1996

This world needs genuinely good people, especially today. It needs unselfish, generous people. It needs loving, kind, and compassionate people.

Let me rephrase that. The world is full of these kinds of people but these people need to step up and be counted. We can no longer hide in the shadows. We need to let our light shine so everyone can see it. Don't hide it under a bushel.

Someone is ALWAYS watching us, whether we know it or not. So, our light needs to be bright so it can help illuminate the path for others, at least until their own light can burn bright.

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