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December 26, 2021 - Redemption

We don’t have to attempt the impossible in trying to rationalize our sins away. And on the other hand, we don’t have to attempt the impossible in erasing the effects of sin by our own merit alone. Ours is not a religion of rationalization nor a religion of perfectionism but a religion of redemption—redemption through Jesus Christ. If we are among the penitent, with His Atonement our sins are nailed to His cross, and 'with his stripes we are healed.'

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "The Love of God", General Conference, October 2021

I think sometimes we make the gospel and the Plan of Salvation too complicated. We think it's harder and more difficult than it really is, at least I do sometimes.

I think what makes it complicated is the fact that sometimes we have to own up to our mistakes, and that can scary and unpleasant. And I think because of that we try to avoid the inevitable consequences, thus making it even harder than it is.

The Atonement is simple to put into practice in my mind, yet complex to understand how it works.

Point is, there is no mistake, or sin that cannot be removed from us through Christ's Atonement. We mess up, we feel remorse and sorrow, we vow to try and be better, we repent and show God we're willing to go again, and the Atonement works its redemptive power to cleanse us and its enabling power to make us better.

Simple as that. How blessed are we to not only have this in our lives but to have it so simple. All we have to do is quit avoiding it.

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