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December 26, 2020 - I can see!

The Savior didn’t say, “My answers I give unto you on your timetable” or “Healing I give unto you in every case,” but He did promise us peace. He may not remove the figurative curtains of mortality that are sometimes placed over our eyes, but if we take His hand, He can teach us how to move forward with faith, trusting that the answers will come with time. Through Him, our burdens can be made light.

Sarah Taylor, "Unclouding My Vision", Liahona, January 2021

Part of this mortality that we are all going through, is that our physical bodies come with flaws, weaknesses, ailments, maladies, deformities, even missing pieces. And...overtime, these flaws get worse as we age. We do the best we can, but there are things we cannot control. That's just part of this phase that we are in on this Plan of Salvation.

For example, and this affects nearly everybody, maybe when we're younger, our eye sight is 20/20. As we grow older, that eye sight gets weaker. We use glasses and/or contacts to correct that weakness, where possible, and to extend our ability to see a bit longer.

Do we, though, use the many tools to help extend and even increase our spiritual eye sight? Over time, as we do nothing to protect that eye sight, in other words, that faith, our vision becomes weaker until it's no longer existent. We must use our spiritual glasses to see correctly.

And those "spiritual glasses" are our Savior Jesus Christ. Only through Him can we see correctly. Only through Him can we even see in complete darkness. He provides the light. Only through Him can our vision be expanded and increased even further.

So, especially in moments of complete darkness, all we need to do is reach out as if feeling for something familiar to hold on to. As we do this, He will grab our hands and guide us through this obstacle of mortality until we make it through safely to the other side.

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