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December 22, 2020 - Things, will change

In this mortal experience, we cannot control all that happens to us, but we have absolute control over how we respond to the changes in our lives. This does not imply that the challenges and trials we face are of no consequence and easily handled or dealt with. It does not imply that we will be free from pain or heartache. But it does mean that there is cause for hope and that due to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can move forward and find better days—even days full of joy, light, and happiness.

Elder W. Christopher Waddell, "Turn To The Lord", General Conference, October 2017

I'm a bit frustrated, because an app, on my phone and desktop, one that I've been using since 2011, recently did an upgrade and killed about 70% of the functionality that had me using the app in the first place. The name is Evernote. And I used this app to record every idea, every thought, every to-do, and every impression I had. It still does that, but the reason I'm frustrated is because the way in which I organized, prioritized, and viewed those ideas, thoughts, to-dos, and impressions, is gone. They have no intention of bringing that back. So, I have to completely overhaul my productivity system now.

I bring this up for two reasons....

One, it's not the tool I use for productivity that's important, but the method that allows me to be productive in the first place. Likewise, speaking in spiritual and eternal terms, it's not the tools I have or how many I have that will save my soul but how I use them. Church going is a perfect example....its not the fact that I go to the Church house to partake of the sacrament or to learn of Christ that will save me, but it is the fact that I partake of the sacrament regardless and learn of Christ wherever I am. That's what's important.

Two, there will be things in my life requiring me to adapt and change, but the one thing that will never change is who and what the Savior is and what He did and does. As long as I'm focused on Him, nothing happening around me matters. I'm speaking primarily in society. Loved ones will always matter to me. Things can change. My way of life can change. I may not agree with what happens, but being on His team and being yoked with Him, it doesn't really matter what happens. All that eternally matters is my relationship with Him. Then, I will be prepared and not be afraid. I may get nervous but I will be at peace.

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